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And it's quiet again

Really, REALLY quiet. After week with both the kids and the hubby home, things got a little crazy around here. Today is just the calm before the storm, though. This week promises to be a little nuts. Hubby’s leaving tomorrow on a business trip. I have kids to take to a bazillion baseball and softball practices (I really need to clone myself) and I have a book to finish.

Hubby and I were planning our summer vacation last night. We always hate it when one vacation comes to an end, so we usually start planning the next so we have something to look forward to. This year it would be nice to be able to schedule it when I dont have edits and a book releasing.

So my to do list for the week sounds something like this. Write. A lot. Finish mini ARCs. Clone self. Try not to lose mind.

One thought on “And it's quiet again”

  1. Holly says:

    :idontknow: When you figure out that cloning thing could you hook me up? Soccer starts Monday – at least only 3 of the kids are playing this season….

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