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Already Wednesday

I swear I spend half my life marveling at how fast the days go by. I’m back to writing Be With Me. I swear I’ve had so many interruptions to this book. :headscratch:

BUT for the next few days at least, the coast should be clear to jam on some pages. I have to finish this book in December because January is shaping up to be a complete wash. Hubby and I are going to Vegas the first week of January and the second week we’re going out to West Texas hunting. And uhm this book is due Feb 1.

I think I just managed to panic myself. Off to go write some more pages…

5 thoughts on “Already Wednesday”

  1. Eden Bradley says:

    Why is it our deadlines always catch up with us this time of year? But I’m sure this book will be just as wonderful as For Her Pleasure (which has been #1 in both erotic fiction and alternative fiction at Amazon for how long now?? Yay you!). Even if it hurts a little, you’ll get it done. And you have Vegas to look forward to-I love Vegas!
    BTW-we need to see pics of the BAT now…lol!

  2. Maya says:

    Bless you, Eden :kissing:

    I’m hoping it’s better than For Her Pleasure since I wrote FHP eons ago :pray:

    And yeah, pic of BAT, if I ever find my camera…last time I saw it, it was on my desk. A very scary place to be…

  3. judie stewart says:

    Hey Maya,

    Just finished reading her your pleasure for the third time and let me just say that you rock girl and just take it 1 day at a time and everything will work out fine. When will we get some more on sweet surrender?

  4. Maya says:

    Hi Judie, and wow, I needed that today :hug:

    Sweet Surrender hmmm have you read the excerpt posted on the website? It releases in March, so I’ll probably poke around with a few more excerpts after the first of the year.

  5. judie stewart says:

    Of course I have! just thought I would ask. My dad say that you have not because you ask not. I was so raised by a preacher!:conscience:

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