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Over the next little while, I’ll occasionally (as I have time) be posting informational type blogs on issues that arise with my readers, websites, book info, reader email etc. These blogs will then be pointed to at intervals from the website for people who are looking for just such information.

Today it’s going to be all about email. I love email. Really, I do. See, I hate to talk on the phone. I’d much rather email someone then spend an absurd amount of time on the phone pussy footing around a subject and filling awkward silences with uh…uhm…yeah…well….and (you get the picture)

At any rate, I answer all my email. Really. If you’ve ever email me and haven’t gotten an answer, it’s because I never got it. There are a few minor exceptions. I mean if you email me to say I’m going to hell, I probably won’t respond with thank you, but I might send you my prayer request list. (It’s kind of long) And any email which begins “shame on you” is instantly relegated to the trash bin, because really, it can only go down hill after that.

Now I say all this only to bring up the point that while I DO answer all my email, there are simply times when I’m not able to answer it as quickly as I’d like to. Sometimes it might just be a few days. Sometimes I answer within minutes. Other times it might literally be weeks. When I’m on a tight deadline, email is the first sacrifice to the God’s. I could literally get lost in emails for an entire day and I can’t afford that kind of distraction when I have to finish a book like yesterday.

I’m working with my web designer to try and ease a lot of the questions I receive via email. I know it’s frustrating for readers not to have the answer they want, and it’s frustrating to me when I have the answer on my website but still get asked those questions. This is where I need help asking what can we do different? How can we make it clearer and absolute that the information on my website constitutes every thing I know to date about my books, blurbs, covers and release dates? And how can I make the information more accessible?

We’re working more and more on my FAQ section to try to answer as many frequently asked questions as we can. As soon as I get them, I have them posted with detailed answers.

But back to my point. I read and enjoy every single email I receive from readers. I know that readers like and want a personal response. I’d want one too. I just ask that you bear with me at times when my inbox starts overflowing to the tune of 15k emails. When I’m writing and email gets busy, I sorta just shut down and stop looking at the email all together because it stresses me to have unanswered emails. I like to give my readers what they expect.

So my promise still remains. I always read and respond to all email (within reason because if you’re screaming at me about hell and damnation, I’ll direct you to my sister who’s a pastor’s wife and have her teach you a few things about casting stones and what not) It’s just that sometimes I’ll answer more quickly than others and in those times when I haven’t responded in a bit, don’t think I’ve decided to no longer be gracious. It’s just that I’m probably losing my mind and no one really wants to see all that ;)

Lots of love!


39 thoughts on “All about Email”

  1. because if you’re screaming at me about hell and damnation, I’ll direct you to my sister who’s a pastor’s wife and have her teach you a few things about casting stones and what not)

    Heh. This made me chuckle…

  2. Ali says:

    aw, sorry that the e-mails tend to pile up… but, I so get you. I’d rather e-mail or text than talk on the phone. My cousin finds it irritating when she calls me and I ask her to get to the point, lol.
    omg, have you ever really had your sister e-mail someone? That would be a hoot.

  3. Jia says:

    Hey Maya

    Ahhh great topic today. Actually the bit where you say that you do reply baxk and itgets busy at times which i do understand fully reminds of about 6 months ago. I did shoot an email when i finished with what sweet seduction i guess? It was a long tirade of how i was amazed as always hahahaha which i bet you receive a lot. But i never got a reply back i guess you were gearing up for this new website. Anyways its great to hear from you always and know that you care about your readers (us that is :D) so much. You even reply back on your facebook page which i experienced personally :) Thanks for writing such great books and being such an amazing person. Love ya

  4. Crystal D says:

    I think you should post your sister’s responses…

  5. I can vouch for you answering your e-mails. I still have the very first one I sent you and your reply from 3 years ago. It’s a treasure! :D

    And I’d love to hear about your sister’s replies!

  6. Allie says:

    Whenever I write to an author it is to tell them how much I loved their book. I always say I don’t need a reply. I would rather the author write more books than write back to me. ;) But I do want them to know I like their stuff and sometimes I mention why. By the way, I love your books! :)

  7. Barbara Hansen says:

    Hi Maya: Just wanted to tell you how much I love your books…I have them all on my Kindle, and right now I am reading Colter’s Lady…it’s awesome. I also would like to mention that I AM a pastor’s wife, and have gotten a little static at times about some of the books I read (I also have a few tatoos, which I got after my husband died about 9 years ago My favorite one is on my Ummm, well it’s near to my heart. LOL It is a beautiful rose with my husband’s name underneath it. I have to add that I love to show it to my friends–they are impressed—as it is so beautiful). And, God loves us all…!!! <(())<<<

  8. mbot565 says:

    O gosh, I’m sorry that you receive hate e-mails screaming at you about hell & damnation, but glad that you can joke about it. Reading that actually cracks me up, because you know after sending you that hell & damnation e-mail, he or she would go right back devouring all your books, beginning to finish & reread them again & again & again.

    Oh, I can just picture them in my mind. :)))


  10. Kathie says:

    Hi Maya
    Are you going to add any more books in the “Into” series about the Falcon Mercenary Group? I have been waiting forever to find out what happens next.

  11. Angie says:

    Dear Maya,

    Like Kathie’s email (dated 2/12/11), I too am interested in knowing if and/or when you will be writing another Falcon Mercenary Group book. I would like know what becomes of D.


    1. Lumey says:

      Hi Angie, I wanted to Know if you ever heard anything about another Falcon Mercernary book? I just finished the second book and I really want to know D’s story. Thanx.

      1. sandra wheeler says:

        I am soooo waiting for another falcon’s book, what happened to “D”, Jonah, Tits(blush), are we getting more?

  12. Michelle Stuart says:


    I’ve just finished reading the Sweet series and loved, loved, loved them! They’re so good that I wanted to keep them forever and so purchased them in paperback instead of on my kindle :)

    I just wondered if Kane from Sweet Posession would ever get his own story as my heart fell in love with him by the end of the book when he was so protective and caring towards Lyric.

    Keep up the fabulous writing and all the best from Adelaide, Australia!


  13. Donna says:

    I absolutely love the Colter books. I have them all. What happened to Colters’ Christmas? It was posted on your coming soon list and now it is gone. Will this book be coming out in December or has it been postponed?

  14. Vanessa says:

    Hi Maya,

    I would you like to know if the falcon’s serie will have another book. I really like to know what happened with “D”, Jonah and the others.

    Thank you!

  15. Shraddha says:

    I cannot connect with you on facebook. What should I do? Have you blocked me by mistake? My name is Shraddha Mahalaxmikar. Please reply

  16. Shraddha says:

    I cannot connect with you on facebook. What should I do? Have you blocked me by mistake? My name is Shraddha Mahalaxmikar. Please reply.

  17. Hi Maya,

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  18. natalie says:

    hi Maya I love your books but as I was order from booktopia for you Scottish history they don’t sell Seduction of a Highland Lass any more but sell the rest of the book could you give me a idea why that is. thank

  19. I love looking through a post that will make men and women think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  20. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

  21. Kimberly says:

    I adore your books. Thanks so much for releasing them so quickly. I like most of the series so I look forward to every month when new book comes out.

  22. Barbara says:

    I just finished Rush and it had my heart pounding. Can’t wait for Fever & Burn. Maya, you got me hook. I don’t mind being overloaded by your books. There are GREAT!!! I got most of your other books too. I have a question that you probably get alot. Are the men in your stories have a real bases or just made up? If, they are real, where can I find them? :) Thank you for all you do. Your awesome!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Maya,
    I can’t get enough of your books.
    You are perfection to the T.

  24. jeff kesselman says:

    Dear Maya, wow this is difficult lol,Im a guy who loves to read romance novels now, was never a reader in the past never much intrested me but now i am totally into this now.i have been influenced by many authors in during my reading stage, like ms. day,ms. bradley. ms anderson among others.I AM SOO BLOWN AWAY BY UR BOOKS THAT I JUST CANT PUT THEM DOWN.Now i am reading ur trilogy , rush, fever, im on the edge evry moment with u its so like im ther in the book , exp. the romantic settings all u have to offer ur readers. doing alot of crying lately over some of ur characters in the book, such a wimp lol. LOVE TO HEAR FROM U SOON IF U HAVE TIME AND SOMEDAY POSS. MEET U! THX FOR ALL THE GREAT BOOKS. JEFF K

  25. Cara Downey says:

    Hi Maya, I am a big fan of your work. I have read a majority of your novels and I am always left with wanting more. I was wondering if you have a specific web site for the Kelly’s??? I love the KGI series… I feel like I have grown up with each and every single member. I am also wondering when will Rusty have her own story told???

  26. dolores beckford says:

    When will you continue the falcon series we have waited a long time.
    Love your books. Ut would like to see the outcome for the others likr jonah

  27. Olivia recalde says:

    I have read everything you have written and I am looking forward to reading the new Colters installment. I think nothing will change my love of your KGI series. It rocks! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for Donovan’s book!

  28. maria adelina veras almonte says:

    My name is Adelina and I’m from the Dominican Republic,
    I love your books I have read almost all the series especially international group kelly and colter legacy, you’re my favorite writer pity that I live in the country I can not find your books but I do it right through the internet and I congratulate your books are fantastic I would love to continue reading your books
    I hope you’ll have a chance someday to meet you in person insurance must be a very wonderful person and I would like you to send me a sample of your work, keep it up you’re my favorite person

  29. crystal hawes says:

    hi maya
    just wondering if your latest colters novel ..COLTERS GIFT will be released on iTunes in audioform?? sadly I have terrible vertigo and cant read books.

  30. Hailey says:

    I don’t think anyone should start an email with shame on you, still in certain cases I can see where frustration could lead to an angry rant. I felt really let down when you pushed back Highland Ever After from April 2014 to an unknown date in 2015. You said doing the Tangled Hearts trilogy wouldn’t effect any current projects but I think pushing a book back TWICE, with the 2nd time being about a year to be effecting current projects. I don’t think it is right to try to shame you cause you do work hard to put out good series but this change was very frustrating and as a fan I feel EXTREMELY let down.

  31. Jae says:

    I am anxiously awaiting the next books in The Tangled Hearts Trilogy. The first book was amazing. Please advise me of when approximately Always Mine and Forever Ours will be released. (biting my nails)
    Have a great day of writing..

  32. Gail says:

    I was wondering if there will be another Highlander novel?

    Thanks Gail


    dear maya
    I love your book I read almost all of them, it os one in particular I love so much, I don’t remember the title, but it is the story of Angie, Angel and pecos,, can you tell me the title if you can thank you . huguette

  34. John and Joyce says:

    Hi Maya,
    We loved your Breathless Trilogy, have just finished them.
    We would like to know, are you doing a sequel to these? Will you be writing about the children that Cabe, Jace and Ash plan to make??????
    We will be catching up with your other series.
    Thanks a million….

    Regards Joyce and John…..

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