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About to hit send

and get the last of the proposals finnito. This one was sorta unplanned. That is uhm, I wasn’t supposed to be working on this. Because it’s not like I dont have lots and lots of writing to do. But this one has been murmuring in my ear for a long time and it was going to drive me crazy if I didn’t write it down. The problem is, I love it so much that I want to write it NOW. But I can’t. It must wait its turn. Behind five other books I have to write :crying:

So it’s back to Into the Mist, and I also have a novella to finish this month. Should be able to get both done because I have a big chunk of Into the Mist written already. I love that book, so after my initial laziness, it won’t be hard to get back into it.

After that…hmmm….November is an interesting month. I sat down over the weekend and wrote out my schedule of what all I needed to write for the next year and made timelines, inserted deadlines and release dates etc. Remind me not to ever do that again. Talk about send me into meltdown! The thing is, it’s not insurmountable. I take it book by book and I have plenty of time. But when I look at it all on paper and have that many books staring me in the face, the panic starts. Because I think OMG, what sane person can do this?

At any rate, it’s back to Into the Mist I go, but I’ll still be sneaking bits and pieces of the yummy proposal I just finished. (Love that book)

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  1. cathy M says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about Into The Mist. Happy writing Maya.

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