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How time flies. It hardly seems possible that what seems like such short time ago we were all ringing in a new millennium. And now we’re already a decade, a DECADE into it. It makes my head hurt!

But this has been an awesome decade for me. So many things changed in my life and career. It was in 2002 that a friend of mine and I decided to take up the pen (or keyboard) and write with the goal of becoming published.

Now at the beginning of a writing career, everything is new and shiny and you have big dreams. The thing with those big dreams is that you aren’t really certain, or even halfway convinced, they’ll ever come true, but it doesn’t stop you from daydreaming about “one day.”

So much of my writing career didn’t go as I planned. Okay, none of it did. I look back on how things have gone and I just shake my head and have to laugh because nothing went the way it was supposed to.

And that’s a good thing.

You see, if things had gone the way I planned? Well, I probably wouldn’t even have a career at this point.

I never planned to publish predominately under Maya Banks. It was a pen name I made up on the fly when I sold a book to an epublisher. Even after I sold a few contemporary erotic romances, I still figured I’d publish historicals under my real name. Then I sold a contemporary romantic suspense series and then I sold contemporary romances to Silhouette Desire. All under the name Maya Banks. And well, the final laugh was when I did eventually sell some historicals, and they too sold under my pen name.

Yes, this decade has been exciting. It’s been a wonderful ride. But 2010, especially, was a year when I achieved those impossible dreams. The ones new writers like to tantalize themselves with. At least I did.

Earlier in the year, I hit the USA Today bestseller list with a book I wrote for Silhouette Desire. Then in September, The Darkest Hour also hit the USA Today bestseller list and for me this was so incredibly sweet, because this book was one I had waited years to be able to publish. It was a book I started on way back when I was still only writing historicals. But Ethan and Rachel’s story came to me and it wouldn’t leave. It stuck with me through all those years until the time was right and I pulled it back out. And the Kelly series was born.

To close out the year, the second book in the KGI series, No Place to Run, landed on the NYT bestseller list and remained on for a second week.

It took a bit for it to truly, truly sink in that so many of my goals had been reached. I’d actually done it. My books landed on the USA Today and NYT bestseller lists.

Four years after publishing that first book, I achieved something that I wasn’t sure I’d ever achieve. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around it, but I’m more grateful than you can imagine for the opportunity to do something I love so very much.

And I’m grateful to you, the reader, for making it all possible.

My best wishes to you for a happy and safe 2011 as we embark on a brand new decade. May this year and this decade be as sweet and rewarding for you as the past year and decade has been for me.



6 thoughts on “2010”

  1. Vivian Arend says:

    I’m crying reading this. You’re an inspiration, and I heart you.

    Here’s to your next decade being even more spectacular.

  2. Brandy W says:

    Happy New Year to you as well. I have to say that I’m thrilled your career didn’t go how you planned. I’ve discovered so many of your books in different genres and loved them all.

    I think you are a spectacular writer and I’m always looking forward to what you write next.

  3. Valerie C says:

    Your post is so moving, I’m all teary eyed, and I’m so happy for you. In an odd way, I am so incredibly proud of you because as a reader I’ve followed along on your journey the past few years through the epublished books, Silhouette and now the KGI series. You are so talented, and your willingness to explore different ideas and subjects broadens the world for so many of your readers. I hope the coming decade brings you even bigger and better blessings. I can’t wait to read what’s next.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Bev Stephans says:

    Your post was very inspirational. I’m so glad that you have fulfilled your dreams, because it means that the readers benefit from your prolific output. I’m just one of your many fans and can’t wait for the next Kelly book (or for that matter, the next Colter book). Thank you for giving me so much reading pleasure.

  5. mbot565 says:

    Thank you for following thru of writing books & getting them published. It doesn’t matter what name you use, although Maya Banks is pretty cool name to come up on the fly, I’d find your books regardless.
    I’ve enjoyed all your stories and looking forward to reading more.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Maya. Wishing you another wonderful ride to the next decade.

  6. Holly says:

    You are a gifted storyteller and writer, you understand the heart and have a knack for revealing it to the rest of us. Always your #1 fan! Cheers to the next decade of creating and living your dreams!

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