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Yesterday was good

The weather was gorgeous. I could hear the wind chimes tinkling and the birds chirping as I was writing. Speaking of writing, I got 20 pages done yesterday. Would have probably gotten more done but I spent 3 hours on the phone with another writer pal. Sometimes those conversations are more valuable than pages done. Because those kind of conversations can only be held with another writer. They know where you’re coming from. No matter how much another friend or family member loves and supports you, they just don’t understand all the issues a writer deals with like another writer does.

AND I actually cooked supper last night. :fainting:

My poor husband is probably off at work wondering what the fuck happened to his wife. The kids are probably not complaining. They don’t know who the strange chick is who was wandering around their house last night but they’re probably rather keep HER.

I’m still trying to spend my amazon gift certificate I got like two months ago. I have a few books in my cart but I just can’t find anything that screams BUY ME. I already placed my eharlequin order this month, and I should get those books right before our fishing trip for spring break :cheer: I’m thinking it might take awhile to complete that Amazon order…