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Writerly psychosis

Was emailing with my editor. I haven’t had her for a VERY long time yet, but I heart her in a big way. Anyway, she was seeing my completely neurotic, psychotic side and she asks very amusedly if I was like this with all my books or if this one was special. :headscratch:

Uhm Yeah.

I’m such a manic freak anyway. Complete burst worker (just for you Kathy) For example. Last week I was plugging along around 10 pages or so a day. Then nothing for two days. Then 20 pages three days ago. 24 pages two days ago. 42 pages yesterday. 10 pages today. See a pattern there? Didn’t think so.

Then there’s the whole day to day love/hate/love/hate thing. Four days ago I loved the story. Three days ago I hated it. Yesterday I loved it. Today I just wanted it to GO AWAAAAYYY.


I need drugs.