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Day 2 of me kicking my own ass is going well. Not quite as well as yesterday since I had my page count done before noon. I still have a few left on today’s goal but I plan to have those done before bed. The cool thing is I’m getting back into the story. This is my second Berkley book and has a tentative release date of May 2008. I wrote the proposal back in November so it took me a bit to immerse myself back into the story. The working title is Dark Desires but no idea if that’ll stick or not. I’m very unused to coming up with titles before I finish the story.

My brain is also actually cooperating with me (Ok not fully but I’ll cut it some slack since it’s only blanking on ONE of my projects) and I have an idea cooking for my next Berkley proposal. So at least I won’t have to worry about getting down to the wire and having nuttin’.

I’m also trying to decide when to put up a blurb and excert for “For Her Pleasure.” I’m thinking maybe around March or so. I’ve said so little about this story to anyone other than my editor, agent and writing pal, but I’m very excited about it. It was very hard to finish those stories because I so hated to say goodbye to the characters.

Oh and before I go, Jessica Jarman’sThe Boy Next Door” just released from Samhain, and it’s a fantastic read. Incorporates one of my fave themes, friends to lovers :guitar: