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To do, to do, to do and more to do

For the month of March I focused entirely on writing the book. I ignored everything else. And everything else piled into a mountain. So when I finished the book, me being incredibly stupid, thought hey, I deserve a few days off. I should totally take the week even.

Then I got a good look at the “to do” list :crying:

So that’s what I’ve been doing the entire week. Lots and lots of tedious, mind numbing little things that had to be done. Sad thing is after busting my ass, I’m still not done. But I did get about a dozen things marked off the list. I feel SO much lighter today. It’s a good thing, because I’m heading to Louisiana this weekend with lots and lots of work I’m making my family help me with. :help:

I just want to know whose idea it was to write a proposal while trying to get ready for the Romantic Times Convention. :cursesign: