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The Blackberry

I love the Blackberry, but I don’t really know how to use it. Apart from the basics, which really, is all I NEED to know. As long as I can check email, send email, answer the phone, that sort of thing. I’m so not one of these high tech chicks whose Blackberry can open locks and hack into the FBI files or something.

So in an effort to organize myself, I started entering all my appointments for the RWA conference into the Blackberry so I wouldn’t unknowingly commit to something when I already had something scheduled at the same time. Good grief. I’m overwhelmed just looking at it.

Theron’s book…well, it’s close to being done. I’ll need the rest of this week to finish it. I have to mail it before I leave for RWA next Tuesday. Getting this close to a deadline, well, it’s never happened. I’m a freak about finishing stuff early. We were talking about deadlines the other night at the Writeminded Chat, and Amy was all about taking every possible second of her deadline and overnighting it for a gazilliion dollars. Me? I usually finish up about a month ahead of time, sometimes longer, and then I like to put it up and forget about it for several weeks. I let it percolate.

Then I go back to it, open it up, read it with fresh eyes and fix stuff, then send it off to wherever it’s going.

Well, that’s not going to happen this time and it’s bugging the holy hell out of me. I do edit as I go, and I begin each writing session with looking back over what was previously written, so it’s not like I’ll be sending some raw mass of unedited crap, but still, not having that percolating time for this book bugs me.

Shit happens. This has been a crazy summer and at this point I’ll just be grateful I got all the projects done that I was supposed to get done by Aug 1.