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That whole writing challenge thing…

I was over at Larissa’s and saw the wrap up for the Sven challenge thing and blinked. Oh yeah, that thing. I remember signing up. I didn’t flake on the requirements, I simply got busy with writing to the exclusion of all else. I’m afraid I’m not much of a social person heh. When I’m working, I usually don’t care what’s going on around me and don’t pay much attention.

I’m not even sure how much I got done. Just in the last two weeks I wrote over 50k. At any rate, I wrote an entire book that wasn’t part of my original challenge goals. Wrote 25k on a book due later this fall. Hmm wrote several proposals. Also did edits and line edits for two Samhain books and copy edits for my Berkley book. So while I stopped keeping track of my “progress” very early in the game so to speak, I’m confident I far surpassed the 70k challenge goal :rockthefuckon:

Tomorrow, I’m taking a break and totally doing something fun. We’re going dove hunting. :shoot: So basically, we’ll have more fun than human beings should be allowed.