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Spin off of the SWEET series

So I’ve gotten LOTS of emails and FB posts and tweets about Kane from Sweet Possession, and it’s not that I was ignoring you guys or purposely trying to torture you, but it wasn’t as simple as saying yes or no that I’d write a book about him. Of course I wanted to write about him and his team and delve into their shenanigans, but these things take time!

I’m happy to say that everything is now finalized and I’ll be writing a spin off series of the SWEET series involving Kane and his coworkers, boss etc.

As I’ve explained on FB, this is not a romantic suspense series. It’s very much a sexy contemporary series where the focus is on the relationship between the hero and heroine. There may well be elements of suspense on a book by book basis, but it is definitely NOT the focus of the series whatsoever.

I’m still working on scheduling and arranging it so that I have a set release schedule for all my books so that readers know that on X month I’ll have a KGI release and on Y month I’ll release a book in the new spin off series and on Z month I’ll release a historical.

I’m very excited to dive into a new series! I hope you guys will enjoy Kane and his gang as much as I will :) I’ll definitely keep you posted on any new developments as I get them!



115 thoughts on “Spin off of the SWEET series”

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  2. donna mimozo says:

    Will there be a LOG book about Joe and one about Rusty now?

  3. Aubrey says:

    Where is the sweet series spin off??

  4. mandy says:

    IM wondering why.theres two sets of books but sound the same. I only read the.description on them. Like sweet temptation the book I of a chick in underwear. Where there is also the same book with fruit on the cover….am I missing something or can I get.either book?

    1. Amanda says:

      Its because some places will not use the nudity or inappropriate attire on the cover of the book because people get offended

  5. Tracy says:

    More sweet series!

  6. Kristen says:

    MOre SWEET series PLEASE!!!

  7. Janice says:

    What is the name of the spin off series to “Sweet” and when will it be released.

  8. Cata says:

    It has been a LONG time since you wrote about a spinoff of the Sweet series featuring Kane and his cohorts? I have been anxiously waiting news of this new series…still waiting!

  9. Maritza says:


    Is there a spin off of the Sweet series?


  10. Eduardda says:

    Hi, i’m from brazil, and i realy love the KGI serie and i realy want know if will had one book obout Rusty and Sean?
    I’m dying of anxiety !!!

  11. Gloria says:

    Is there any update on to when will be the spin off of the Sweet series? I have been anxiously waiting for Kane’s and the guys.

  12. Regina says:

    Is there going to be a 7th book of the sweet series

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