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Someone shoot me

Lordy but what a week. Uhm, I got like no writing done. And I got no sleep. I’m at that “stupid” stage when you go for so long without sleep that your brain just shuts down. :faint:

This project that my sister came over to help me with? KICKED. OUR. ASSES. Seriously. :kap: We’ve done so much folding and hole punching that my HANDS hurt. My palms ache. We’re talking non stop from the time we get up to 2am in the morning, eyes crossing, marathon.

I finally gave up on half of it and took it all the Office Depot and dumped it with a very nice lady who folded and assembled the papers into booklets. The bad news is, my sister left this morning and I still have to put all the folded, hole punched papers TOGETHER and bind them. All 750 of them. :cursesign:

The girl at Office Depot, however, is going to be my new best friend. We talked about printing and binding projects and she gave me a super price and was very willing to help in any way she could. So uhm, yeah, I have two bigger projects coming up and Im so not tackling it by myself like I did this one. Not to mention, I’m not sure my sister is going to speak to me for awhile after I worked her fingers to the bone.

BUT. The upside? The booklets really look gorgeous. They aren’t half assed. They’re pretty and shiny so all that detail to the little stuff paid off. Even I gave up a week’s worth of sleep to do it.