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so it's the weekend, I've quit coughing…

but I was up early this morning which really pissed me off. I was SO looking forward to sleeping in because I’ve been so tired all week with the crud I’ve had. But no. Up bright and early. Hubby and I went to get breakfast and I’ve done the mundane shit like put sheets on to wash. I need to get some writing done. It’s been a slow week with lots of distractions (good distractions, but distractions nonetheless)

Honestly I’m ready to go fishing :fishing: It’s been either too windy or too cold for several weeks and sometimes too cold AND too windy but soon! I’m also ready for a crawfish boil. Mmmmm oh man I’m starting to drool. We always make it a big family thing. Go to my dad’s, boil a shitload of crawfish and eat until we hurt.

I’m in one of those odd, contemplative moods today so I think I’m going to put on some good music and get some work done on Songbird and Micah.