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So I’m curious

What do YOU suppose the purpose of blogs are? I find I’m dissatisfied with a lot of blogs because when I go to them I feel like they’re feeding me info but not talking to me. Does that make sense? A lot of them are endless info dumps. Others want to preach at me. Others want to bitch at me. But few really seem to want to talk to me. I wonder why that is since in my mind blogs are for talking. Am I wrong in this? I mean I could be because Lord knows I don’t have all the answers or even one for that matter.

And I totally get the whole idea that a blog is what the individual blogger WANTS it to be, so I guess maybe I’m asking more of what blog readers prefer or expect when they go to blogs.

I think of all blogs, I hate the preachy ones the most and I don’t mean in a religious sense. I mean when a blogger harps about how everyone else is doing it wrong and so by default they must be doing it right. (Authors are so guilty of this) Maybe I’m too laid back but hey I say let everyone have the rope to either hang or not hang themselves.

On a completely unrelated note, Dude, it’s so not chilly today. I wanted chilly. I mean yes, it is cooler, but I don’t think the word Cold Front should be wasted on this sort of event. I think it should have been called “A somewhat cooler front” :shoot:

Eh well I’ve exhausted my pee brain for today and that’s all the deep thinking I shall do. I’ll probably need the rest of the afternoon to recover!