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So I'm a huge sissy

but s’rsly, Vegas kicked my ass and not in a good way. Yesterday I was SO tired. I dragged all day. But when I go to bed last night? Could. Not. Sleep. :dunno:

I laid there. And laid there. And laid there some more. Got up. Worked awhile. Went back to bed. Got up. Worked some more. Sent off some stuff to my agent at 3 in the morning. Today I was talking to her and she laughed and asked me what the hell I was doing emailing her at 3 in the morning. Then she informed me I was obviously overtired which makes sense in a twisted sort of way.

I got to sleep after four then had to get up to take the kids to school. Told myself I’d just go back to bed when I got home. So I crawled in. Could. Not. Sleep. :passedout:

I’ve gotten squat done this week because I’ve been too busy dragging ass and whining. I’m just hoping to hell I can sleep tonight. :pray: