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I love summer time in the south. I love the almost daily thunderstorms that blow up suddenly from nowhere. The deep rumble of thunder, the quick darkening of the sky and then a burst of rain that lasts all of five minutes before it all clears away and there’s no sign that a thunderstorm rolled through. The build up is the best though, because I can hear the storm coming from miles away so I get to enjoy the thunder as it gets closer.

Today I’m writing. Lots and lots of writing. Yesterday I wrote 5 scenes to catch up the subplot in Into the Lair and then threaded them into the main storyline. Today I’m forging ahead as I count down to the finish date and then VACATION, which incidentally begins next Thursday, July 3rd. I can’t bloody wait. :weee:

So yeah, I’m writing (typing) and listening to the thunder roll across the sky :guitar: