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Pre Monday funk

I’m already dreading Monday and it’s still Sunday night. It’s because I got a start on my “to do” list early and not only did I make this to do list but I made a freaking calendar. (That thump you hear is Amy fainting from shock that I would so something so eeriely ORGANIZED)

Monday is day one of the kick ass writing schedule/calendar. In theory, it’s simple. I follow the road map, then I get from point A to point B. Couldn’t be easier. Uh yeah. I like this in theory. It remains to be seen if I actually follow through with it.

At least Im getting all itchy again, which means I’m dying to get writing. I need one good burst of mania that lasts through May 1 :lol2: (I don’t ask for much I know)

If you’re interested in winning a free book, your choice of Colters’ Woman or Caught by Cupid, hop over to Writeminded. But make it fast. I’m drawing the winner at noon CST :banana: