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One minute I'm moaning about Monday

and the next it’s already Saturday. :beam:

Things are tight for me right now, writing wise, which means no reading, no slacking, no whining. I’m happy with my progress, though. Turned in one of my projects a week or so ago and I’m on schedule to turn in another around Nov 10ish. Then I have a short deadline for my next Berkley book, but the nice thing is, it’s the only book during that time frame that I have to concentrate on. I’ve been sorta juggling two for the last little bit, and I don’t juggle well. I’m linear to a T. I can’t write on multiple things at a time. I’m a line em up and do em one by one type of gal.

I won’t even think of the books in queue after the Berkley book lol. I have three more to write before June 1. But once again, like last year, once I get to June, I’ll have a gap of time. Sorta weird how that works out. Summer seems to be my slow down period. Good time for vacation, I’m thinking :woot: