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Oh Fuck Me

Just wrote this big ole long rah rah pep talk kicking my own arse blog post, hit publish and got a stupid error message and lost the whole damn thing. I’m sick and am in a Nyquil induced coma, and Im SO not in the mood for wordpress’s shit. :cursesign:

Ugh. Maybe I should go to bed because clearly the rah rah happy happy crap just didn’t cut it. Maybe it was a sign from God that he can take only so much gushing from me in a day.

So I’ll steal Jaci’s Monday “to do” list since I think it’s cool and maybe I can kick some hiney tomorrow when the kids FINALLY go back to school. :elephant:

1. Kick it in gear on my Berkley single title. It’s all plotted out (no one have a heart attack, it was a necessary evil because I had to turn in a proposal for it.)

2. Finish a short story project I’ve been sneaking pages on. (only after meeting the targetted page count for the above book)

3. Figure out my work schedule, write it out, stick to it.