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Office supplies yays and woes

First the yays. We have two Office Depots “in town” as in the place south of my little hole in the wall town. I love going in and looking at their clearance section. There is always something cool to be had there. At my regular location a week or so back, they had the reams of the Office Depot brand of high quality paper with 650 pages to each ream instead of 500 on clearance for two bucks a ream. TWO dollars. OMG. I about had a heart attack and promptly bought everything.

Over the weekend I went into the other location (more on that in the woes section of this post) and found envelopes in their clearance section. Not just any envelopes either. They had the bubble, padded plastic large sized envelopes, the kind that a trade size book fits SO nicely into. Now usually these suckers run .97 cents a piece and that’s at Walmart. They’re more expensive at other places. Office Depot had them in packages of 10 clearance for ONE DOLLAR. I was grabbing packages in absolutely glee. I threw them at my kids as fast as I could pick them up.

Office supplies make me happy :lol2:

Now the entire reason I was in Office Depot over the weekend *sigh* I just bought a new Dell printer. Not that my old Dell printer was that old but I’m pretty hard on them and this one had lasted awhile so I gave in and ordered a new one after it quit on me. Now the problem with this is that I’m printing promo stuff that I need to send out THIS week so of course that’s when the old one quits. :cursesign:

Anyway, I ordered a new one, it came in last week. Now this new printer was supposed to come with a 6000 page ink cartridge. I know because I checked because I never buy anything less than 6000 because I go through them too quickly and it’s a pain in the ass to spend all my time ordering new ones. So I get to about page 850 and get a low toner warning. WTF?

I get online to “chat” with Dell because I really don’t want to spend an hour on the phone unable to understand a thing the “representative” is trying to say to me because my call has been routed to Freaking India. *sigh* So I wait forever, get a customer service chick who tells me I need Tech support. Wait forever to get tech support who tells me I need customer service. I scream and pick up the phone ready to froth at the mouth. Finally get someone who says they’ll send me a new cartridge.

I get said cartridge on Friday. I start printing over the weekend. I’m frustrated with the printer itself because it is only printing 10 pages a minute. This is a laser printer that is supposed to print 30 pages a minute. I timed it because it was so God Awful SLOW. And it wouldn’t let me specify to print more than one copy of a document. If I told it to print anything other than 1 copy, it would print 13 pages and get vaporlocked, throw an error message and shut down. And if that weren’t enough, it would pick 2-3 pages at random in the middle of the document to just arbitrarily fuck up and print jibberish on before it would resume printing the regular document.

The icing on the cake? I get to about page 1200 on this nice new 6000 page toner cartridge? ANd I get low toner warning.

I made hubby call them and tell them to expect the printer back on their doorstep as soon as they’d send me a return label and I could get it packed up.

So I was at Office Depot shopping for a new printer. Which I need right now.

I’m going back to HP for my computers and printers from now on. Dell is not good for my blood pressure.