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Got a release date for Reckless today. Reckless is a short story included in Samhain’s Red Hot Summer anthology. J.T. Summers from Brazen is the hero and his heroine is set to drive him bonkers :rockthefuckon:

Anyhoo, June 3 is the date.

I mailed off Be With Me ahead of deadline today :whoo: That’s one more thing crossed off my to do list.

I have several ideas percolating in my poor overtaxed brain. All while I’m trying to write about poor Catherine, Rhys and Logan. I’m making them suffer because they’re making ME suffer. :sumo:

Speaking of suffering…my husband as the GOP debate on. Now tell me what did I do to deserve this? Haven’t I suffered enough? I guess I’m not a good republican because I’d rather go back to the dentist than listen to this.