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Little Deer Slayer

We spent the entire weekend hunting. It was the youth only hunt and so we took our three kiddos out. As I previously mentioned, my six year old daughter decided this was her year to get her first deer. She wanted to outdo my middle son since he was seven when he bagged his. Well, I’m happy to say she did it! :woot:

It was such a fun weekend. The “girls” split off from the guys and we took one tree stand while hubby and the boys took another. I was so impressed with her. She was so focused and she handled her gun like a dream. After she shot and knew she’d downed the deer, she jumped up and down shouting, “I got it! I got it!” Then she hugged me like mad for several minutes.

When we got down to go look at it, she squatted by the deer and touched it reverently and said in an awed voice, “I’m going to remember this day forever.” I was all teary eyed and said, “Me too!”

I have one very proud little girl and an even prouder daddy :lol2: