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I’m not generally an anal person. I think some degree of organization is required and well, I fail miserably at anything resembling organization. So it might be contradictory when I say I LOVE lists. I like making lists. It’s something I do quite often. See, they make me FEEL organized even though I know I’m not. They make me feel like I have some control (when in fact I don’t) but I get a nice calm, comfy feeling when I make them.

So uhm I make them a lot. They usually get discarded. I don’t think I’ve ever actually FOLLOWED one, and I change them often. It’s just the act of laying out in black and white and itemizing things I need to do. I visit Jaci’s blog on Mondays because her lists give me the warm fuzzies. (I’m a sick sick person)

So my latest list went something like this:

1. Finish Undenied
2. Finish Dark Desires
3. Write next Berkley proposal
4. Finish Brazen
5. Do mini ARCS for RT
6. Do promo packets for For Her Pleasure
7. Figure out my Romance Sells Ad
8. Set up my office
9. Find roommate for RWA

Eh well, one out of nine ain’t bad right? And I’ll get to cross of number one on the list Wednesday :banana: As for the rest, I’ll see them on future lists. At least a dozen more times before I actually get them done.