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Lazy and mellow

The weekend has been not so busy, mainly by choice. I really have a lot of work to do but yesterday I took off to go play poker with hubby. It was fun and we had a late night so we slept in today.

Then we got up and went grocery shopping. It was a mondo trip because I was running low on EVERYTHING so I had to restock the entire pantry. And now that the kids are home I had to make sure I had stuff for their lunches.

After the staple restocking trip, we headed into town to the grocery store we love to shop at. It has so much cool stuff. Their meat and seafood counter is to die for. I picked up crab legs, some cajun catfish filets and also some salmon that we’re cooking tonight. We went by the meat counter and was greeted by our “meat guy” lololol. We’re there pretty much every weekend to pick up a good steak to grill and so he’s gotten used to waiting on us. The store stocks the prime beef and oh man is it good. We’re total carnivores and so our idea of a great time is getting to drool over the meat selection. This time we chose T-bones. Yum!

So now I’m back home mellowing out to some great music. Of course my idea of mellow would probably make most people laugh. When I get contemplative, I listen to Erasure. I LOVE Erasure. So I have this bizarre playlist of Erasure, Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Gary Allen, a whole horde of classical guitar selections as well as some folk music and bluegrass :banana:

But Erasure by far outnumbers all the other selections :woot:

Oh and I’m working on Theron’s proposal….