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KGI #6 Shades of Gray

By now you guys know of course that the 4th KGI book, Whispers at Dark, featured the youngest Kelly brother, Nathan, and that Echoes at Dawn, the 5th book in the series, will feature Rio, one of the team leaders and will release July 2012.

So here is the official announcement for the 6th book in the series, Shades of Gray, which will release in Jan 2013 :)

Shades of Gray will feature Cole and P.J. two of the KGI team members who you’ve met in the first 4 books and will of course see again in the 5th book as well.

Obviously the series will (hopefully) be longer than six books since obviously there are more of the brothers (Donovan and Joe) to write about but I have plans for some of the team members as well :) (Just in case anyone thought that I would only be writing stories for the six Kelly brothers)

167 thoughts on “KGI #6 Shades of Gray”

  1. becca says:

    I totally agree with Roxanne….that Steele should not be match up with Rusty…I can definitely see Rusty matching up with Sean after the stories are told of the others….I can see Sean fighting his feelings for Rusty because he has known her since she end up at the Kelly household…but in the end love always wins….

    1. bobbie smith says:


    2. Natassja says:

      Yes!!!!!! I’m glad someone else saw it as I did Sean and Rusty lol

      Ps… Since Donavan has this thing with children I wonder if the woman he ends up with will have a little child ???

    3. says:

      Maya, you are an inspiration to me. I have read and loved every book released in the KGI series, but there’s one character that partically stood out for me and yes, that was Steel. He’s just so damn mysterious, quiet, but you know that he’s a warrior!

      I totally agree with Roxanne and Becca. He needs a woman that’ll challenge him out of his shell, clash with him, but also support and love him for the kind of man he is. That’s definitely not Rusty, though I am intrigued by what her story would be. I know you have no intention of pairing her up with any of the Kelly brother’s, or Sean for that matter, because he’s practically another of Mrs K’s though not by blood. I simply don’t see him and Rusty connecting and none of the books have led me to the conclusion that they’ll form some kind of romantic relationship. I think Rusty it’s possible Rusty’s man will be of in some connection to the KGI team and I look forward to seeing if I’m right as she grows through each book you write and have published.

      I am now looking forward to reading Rio’s story, as I get the sense he’s hiding something and I deeply would like to know what! And onto PJ and Cole’s story, who I think would make the perfect couple!

  2. EJ says:

    I can’t wait to read Cole and PJ’s story. The sparks have been flying off those two for so long, it is starting to look like the fourth of July.

    I have always thought that Rusty and Sean should be together. She needs to grow up of course, but whose two are made for each other. But in the end Maya will do it right, if Sean is not the man for Rusty then she will find the right man for her.

  3. Neecee says:

    I agree about Rusty and Sean. Those two have chemistry, even if she is way too young for anything to happen. Everyone else is definitely too old, and won’t understand her. To be honest, I think Sean would “get” her, once he got past the shock of realizing what was between them. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. Terri says:

    Rusty and Sean should be a couple for sure. Yeah she’s young and he’s a tad older but as they saying goes “age is nothing but a number”… I can’t wait to see the secrets that lie behind the tough badass exterior of P.J I’m excited to see Cole detroy her wall of defensives and show us what she’s really all about, and I

    1. Terri says:

      can’t wait to figure out why she left SWAT! I also hope you write about Dolphine and Renshaw too. Oh! Oh! and let the other kelly women have some babies. as well. Maya your a freaking genius and I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with. Never, NEVER stop writing.

  5. Nicole Morgan says:

    I have been thinking about a twist that the KGI series could have. A woman determined to get her revenge after the death of her sister from the top drug lord in Columbia goes to KGI for help. She has skills, skills that KGI could eventually use if they work together as a team. However they are uneasy about this woman all of the sudden appearing and asking for their help and not sure how she knows about them. Turns out Resnick was the one who sent her to them. They decide not to help her at first and KGI is sent on another mission.. the twist.. They are on the same mission that the woman is on in Columbia taking down the same man. The brothers are shocked trying to figure out who this woman is and what is her motive. Steele takes a interest in her seeing a determined woman willing to fight for what she believes is right; impresses him with her skills and captures his heart.
    Things go bad as the woman is ambushed, overpowered and taken into the compound of the drug lord, and Steele is relentless to get her back.

    1. Becca says:

      Totally agree, had exactly the same idea just with less of a plot twist. I think you need someone totally kick-ass for Steele, someone who’s a bit hard around the edges. Also for some reason can picture him with someone British! Can’t wait for the other books!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I just finished the entire KGI series and I loved every one! Every time I decide one of the brothers is my favorite another does something to change my mind :) I can’t wait for the new books but I really want Donovan’s story. Another fan suggested that a woman who hates technology would be funny, I think that’s hilarious! I definitely see Sean and Rusty together, as much as they get on each others nerves in the beginning you can see them coming to like and respect each other, and Sean is becoming protective of her. You can see her coming back from college much more mature and self-confident. And Swanny has to have a story! Love all these characters!

  7. NS says:

    In LOVE with the KGI series.. can read ’em over and over and over again… can’t decide which story i love more… eagerly waiting for PJ and Cole’s story, of course Rio and Sarah… definitely want Sean and Rusty to hook up (at least i hope they hook up.. sometime in the far future)… and Steele! looking forward to seeing what turned him into a machine.. and who’ll bring out his emotions.. and then there’s Swanny and Dolphin.. plus Joe and Van… its never ending and im loving it!! You Rock Maya!.. don’t stop writingg…

    1. Nicole Morgan says:

      definately Swanny needs someone after what happened to him in the fourth book.. he is so self conscious of his scars poor guy. And I also stick to my idea about Steele in a previous post. He needs a hard core chick to win his heart of “Steel” :)

      1. Sian says:

        I actually think Rusty would be the better option for Swanny. After what happend, he’ll need someone who’ll engage him, challenge him. Rusty may mature in the years to come, but I hope she doesn’t lose that feiry spirit of hers. It would definitely be explosive between her and Swanny!

  8. ashley stanley says:

    I was just wondering if there are going to be books for the other Kelly brother’s: Joe and Donovan?

  9. marilyn larosa says:

    how about one of the KGI crew falling in love with an africanamerican

  10. marilyn larosa says:

    how about one of the KGI crew falling in love with an africianamerican

  11. Lynn says:

    I just finished all books in about 6 days, I could not put them down. I think it would be interesting to have the woman decide to take a girls trip that turns into hostage situation, forcing them to overcome their tarmatic pasts to save alive. All the while the brothers work to rescue them. It would be interesting twist. I bet Rachel, Sophie, Sara and Shea could kick butt. To see how far the brothers would go to get the back and protect them would be fun.

  12. Leysa says:

    I love all of the KGI books. I have just finished book 5. I’m not sure how I feel about Rusty and Sean being together. Sean maybe to older for her. Maybe Rusty could be recruited by the CIA or some other black ops agency/group at college. I remember she was introduced to Kelly’s by breaking into their home. She bypassed their security system. So she has some type of skills. She could be an agent for years and meet someone while working a mission for CIA. She was captured and govt isn’t going to get her out. The agent/black ops guy would go to the Kellys for help. The Kelly’s would not know she was an agent until they had to go rescue her. This could work.

    But I’m looking forward to all future books in the KGI series.

    1. Gabbie says:


  13. Lori says:


    Thank you for creating characters that we all love to see win love in the end. Garrett will always be my favorite!
    I am so looking forward to Book #5. Since it is due out in just a few days I am re-reading the series to refresh. I read Ethan and Rachels story yesterday and Sam and Sophies story today. I noticed in E/R story that Donovan went on a mission to rescue a child. Sam told him to “put his stuff away”. Now in S/S story we see Rio interact with Sophie and telling her that she reminds him of his sister that passed away when she was pregnant…Could there be a connection????
    Rusty needs to have her own story that doesn’t involve anyone currently with KGI or Sean.
    Maybe someday we will get to read Frank and Marlenes story!

  14. Michelle says:

    Oh! I can not wait until Shades of Gray. I have been wanting Cole and PJ to get together from the every beginning. I am so glad you did it. I also have to agree that I would love to see Sean and Rusty to get together.

  15. Dana says:

    The KGI series has quickly become my favorite- I can read them over and over again. Whenever I hear that someone is looking for a good series to dive into I always suggest this one. I just finished Rio’s story and loved it. I am especially excited for Donovan’s story! (Donovan and Sam intrigue me the most) Steele’s will be another fun book to read, I have a certain plot line made up in my head that is similar to Rio’s without the paranormal twist but I am sure Maya will find a way to shock everyone and deliver another fantastic piece to the puzzle that is the Kelly clan. Here’s to hoping there are many more books to come in this series! *Joe, Donovan, Steele, PJ & Cole, Sean & Rusty and possibly Diego or Terrence??* There are just so many possibilities…





  17. LUCINDA says:

    I know that you have a lot of other projects in the work, but as someone who can not wait for Donovan’s story, I would like you to make his story Top priority. I had this story line in my head that I just can not get out. I envision him falling for an African American whom he met when she was about 15 after being beaten by her white step father. She would be the reason he fights for women and children. However, not even his family would know about this as he felt dirty for falling for someone so young. When they meet again they will constantly be at each others throats as Van will still be fighting his feelings not to mention that his true Alpha side will come out to play.

  18. Tammy says:

    I want Rusty to go into the military. Maybe Sean is older but maybe when she gets out the age difference isn’t so much!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the stories!! I love them. Sucks that January is so far away!!!

  19. Cashmere says:

    I recently discovered the KGI group a couple of months ago, and am I glad I did. I love the Kelly Family! The brothers are amazing, their women are great and being a forces wife I know just what they go through each time these guys head out.
    I was totally sure Rusty and Sean were made for each other, both belonging to the family and at the same time not… Also there was that bit when he rescued her from the idiot teenager who wrecked her car. It had real potential :)
    Can’t wait to what Grace’s rescue will be like. Just finished reading about Nathan and Shea. Its a little improbable but its so damn romantic.
    I half thought it would be Joe for Grace, but obviously Rio has something going for her. Wonder who Joe will end up with? And Van? Love the geek in him as it calls to the geek in me… he must have a reason for that tenderness to the women and kids bit, but since they are all brothers, what did he experience that they did not?
    Love the way you write Ms Banks, and look forward to reading more of the KGI.

  20. lue says; says:

    i started reading your KGI books about 5 months i think they are the bomb i take my book with me every where i go.So keep writing them how often can a new book come out about every 5 months i got hooked on them.

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  24. Shannon says:

    Not that I don’t want Rusty to rush with growing up but I really want her to have her own little story.Can’t you imagine how protective her six big brothers would be if she had a boyfriend? I thought i had it bad!Seriously even if its not her being married because shes too young for that…. If you have her share a story as an update with a couple who already had a story? Maybe you could have her taken by someone and the brothers and (yes Frank to) could join in the rescue? I really really really really want her to have her own little update story. PLEASESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE? I would be so happy Maya as she is my favorite character as i understand her.. By the way your books freaking ROCK! Happy holidays

  25. Grace says:

    I absolutely love the series. So excited to read Pj and Coles story. I noticed its out but I don’t have access to it because of where I live. I’d have to wait forever! before it shows up in the library or store (If we’re lucky).
    I totally think Donovan’s story or even Steele should be paired up with a black woman. That’d be so awesome. It would totally suit Van for sure. So excited for the the next installments even though I haven’t got my hands one Shades of Grey yet. :p

    Keep it up!

  26. tally says:

    Were can i read shades of grey online??? Desp0 2 read this book!!=D Does any1 have this book???

  27. Heidi B says:

    I am so looking forward to a book on Steel, but I would really like to see a very strong willed woman for him. Someone who will pull is butt out of a fire that may have special powers to do it, something that would scare the crap out of him. Then turn around and give him triplet girls so that that marshmallow inner heart comes out to play. I see a very strong woman for him, but not Rusty I like the others thinks that she is still too young to come out and play.

  28. ann says:

    Just finished sweet addiction. I’ve read all the books in this series. I absolutely hated the ending!!! For Ren to end up with both men turnedd my stomach. She should have been with Cole!! I do not like how both me dominate her to the point of being sickening!

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