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It's a good day

I was supposed to start back on writing the stuff I had to stop writing on in September when I had some stuff crop up that I needed to get done ASAP (How’s that for a confusing sentence) Anyway, Monday was THE day I was supposed to get back to the schedule.

Uhm, it didn’t happen that way. :sack:

Not that I’m surprised. I would have been MORE shocked had I actually started writing when I was supposed to. Everytime I come off a big project or something stressful, or just a big writing binge (September was one big ole writing binge from the word go) I usually suffer let down and don’t do much of anything for quite awhile.

Tuesday was more of the same. I mean I did get SOME work done, just not the writing on the actualy project I’m supposed to be working on. It all evens out in the end, but it can be frustrating.

At any rate, I finally got it in gear yesterday and got quite a bit written. Today I knuckled down and got a lot more done, and the day is only half over. I have to go get the rugrats in about half an hour, but I’ll have more writing time after they go to bed tonight. If I manage to log in another productive day tomorrow, then I’ll be back on schedule and Monday and Tuesday’s slackerdom will be all erased :woot:

Side note: Only two more days until I fly to Cali :whoo: