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I'm deformed

I spent today shopping. I. Hate. Shopping. I started the shopping two weeks ago, but I could not find a pair of pants in a petite length. So I tried on two pair of pants in an average length and then had the store order the pants in petite. They arrive in the mail yesterday, I try them on, and they’re like 4 inches too long. :crying:

I take them back and so I start the search for pants I won’t trip over. They don’t make pants for people as short as I am. :help: In the past, I’ve actually bought capris pants and worn them as regular pants because they were long enough. But for some godawful reason, pants are now coming in these huge ass “flare” styles. :cursesign:

I recently went shopping for jeans. I wear jeans until they literally wear out. I needed new ones because I hadn’t bought a pair in something like 7 years. Good grief. Doesn’t ANYONE sell a “normal” pair of jeans? They had low rise, mid rise, flare bottom, stretch jeans basically ANYTHING but a damn pair of regular normal ass jeans. When I finally found ONE pair, they were called “rigid fit” :hysterical:

And shoes. God. For such a short person, I swear I have the biggest damn foot. My uncle used to tease me and say that if half my leg wasnt turned out into my foot that I’d be a lot taller. I’m not a shoe person. I have one to two pairs of shoes that I wear until they fall apart. So I needed shoes. Something a little less casual than I have now. Could. Not. Find. Anything. Anything! I found shoes I liked, mind you, but in each instance they didn’t have a size that fit me right. They were either too big or too small, and of course they wouldn’t have the size in that particular size that was either half size larger or half size smaller.

So I’ve decided to go barefoot to RT. All I have to do is wear those damn supposed petite pants that are mammoth on me and they’ll cover my feet anyway.

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