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I hate when

I’m hungry, and there’s nothing in the house to eat (even though my pantry and fridge is full of stuff) but ya know, there’s nothing I WANT to eat so I grumble and whine (ok not that I need an excuse to do either)

So, I’m hungry and whiny and I need to work. I was actually happy with yesterday’s effort. I got a lot of detail oriented shit out of the way, and crossing stuff off lists is almost as fun as writing one.

I think I’m gonna proposition my hubby (for lunch!) and see if he wants a date. See, that’s one thing I love so much about the kids all being in school now. I can go out to eat with my husband for lunch and not have to cut anyone’s food, moderate any squabbles or grit my teeth through 14 “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want chicken, I want a hamburger” It’s one hour of the day when I can enjoy adult conversation.