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Home Again (unfortunately)

Vacation is over *deep sigh* Even though I was sick with an ear infection from hell the entire vacation (still am) it still beat being at home.

Lots happened over vacation, some enlightening, some not. I had planned to use vacation to mull over some decisions I’d been holding off on, and after getting blown off, some of them were a lot easier to make. Sometimes no answer is an answer in itself ya know? :idontknow:

So it’s back to work for me now, and I’m not sweating the small stuff or shit I can’t change. Amazing how vacation can mellow you :lol2:

I need a “who gives a fuck” sign to go along with my :rockthefuckon: smilie. Or maybe just a “Fuck em” sign. Or maybe just “Fuck Off” I could see me getting carried away here…..