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So I feel like a grinch. Usually I’m all over the holiday season by now. This year I’m just not feeling it yet. I was talking to hubby about it on the way home from town today and he said well, we’ve been so busy. And yep, that’s it in a nutshell. Our schedules have been insanely hectic for the last couple of months and it hasn’t really dawned on me that Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Thanksgiving always kicks off the Christmas season for me.

So we decided we’re going to try and be more festive :cheer: We’re having a lobster boil this afternoon. Hubby is off all week but the kids go to school Monday and Tuesday so we’re going to go Christmas shopping and spend the day together tomorrow. We’re going to my sister’s for Thanksgiving but we’re coming back early on Friday because the tree must be purchased the day after Thanksgiving and it must go up immediately :whoo:

I’m buying a big ass tree this year. We moved into this house six years ago but I kept buying the same size tree even though we have a huge living room with cathedral ceilings. So screw that. I told hubby that this year I wanted a big ass tree. So we’ll be shopping for the BAT. This time next week BAT will be up in the living room with lots of white lights. And that makes me happy.