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The novella that would not end and went 50, yes FIFTY pages over my goal is now completed. :worthy: Yesssss.

To reward myself, I went and bought 13 ebooks from harlequin. Never mind that I still haven’t read last month’s purchases or that the December books go on sale next week and I’ll be lined up like a crack addict wanting to buy more. I’m kinda liking having this TBR pile.

I also have two ARCs that I cannot WAIT to read. The second Sydney Croft book and the first Larissa Ione single title. *Rubbing hands together gleefully*

Usually after finishing a book, I’d reward myself with a reading binge, as in do nothing but read and read and read some more, but I can’t do that yet. Not until I finish Into the Mist. Then I’ll give in and let myself read a few books and first on my list is the Sydney book and Larissa’s books. Cannot. Wait!!! I seriously loves those girls’ writing whether together or separately, they just fucking rock.