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I’ve been meaning to set up my office for uhm quite a long while but stuff always gets in the way. I have “office space” in our computer room, but the kids have overrun it. I just want a nice quiet area that’s MINE and mine alone. So this past week I moved my beloved bookshelves into my bedroom. I uhm have this big ass bedroom. It’s such a waste of space. Whoever built it was big into the whole “master suite” deal. Me? I don’t spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Never figured out why they should be so huge. So anyway, I decided to make half of it my office. :elephant:

So bookshelves are in place and they look lurvely. I’m about to go pick up my desk and tomorrow that’s going in :banana: Then I get to transfer all my shit in there at which point I can quit complaining about the kids getting into my “stuff”

My very own space….sigh. I may never come out!