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First of all, for all you Kindle owners who were so disappointed that Sweet Temptation wasn’t released for Kindle back in April, it was announced yesterday that Penguin (my publisher) and Amazon had finally come to terms on a new agreement and that Amazon would once again be selling Penguin titles. Of which Sweet Temptation is one. So it looks as though, FINALLY, Sweet Temptation will be available for the Kindle. However, I have no idea when they’ll get it up. I have no control over this. I promise! Believe me, if authors had any say, our books would ALWAYS be available to our readers on release day each and every time. It benefits neither author or reader when there is a delay in the release of a title.

For those of you who’ve expressed concerns that Colters’ Lady wouldn’t be available for Kindle, let me assure you, it WILL BE. Promise! No, there isn’t a pre-order link yet, but Amazon can’t put up a pre-order link until we get the formatted copy to them. And we can’t do that until the book is finished and fully edited :) I’m happy to report, the book is in formatting as I type. So I’m crossing fingers toes and everything else that the Kindle release goes smoothly for all of you who want it on release day.

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out the excerpt, be sure to click over from my website to the Colters’ Lady book page.

Sweet Temptation for Kindle and book signing tomorrow!

I’ll be at the Arlington Heights Borders in Arlington Texas tomorrow from 1-4pm signing copies of Sweet Temptation (and whatever else readers want me to sign!)  So if you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you!

Also, I’ve had many, many, many…emails regarding Sweet Temptation not being available in ebook format and particularly for Kindle.  Believe me when I say, there is nothing more I’d love than to have that book immediately available to readers on RELEASE day.  Unfortunately I have absolutely not control and no say so. The issue is between Amazon and my publisher and it’s my understanding that as soon as a new agreement is struck that the books will be available for Kindle.

This is very frustrating and disappointing for readers and authors.  The last thing an author wants is for a reader NOT to be able to get our books.  And as  read who owns a Kindle and buys ALL of my books in electronic format, I’m bummed because *I* can’t get the books I want either.

I sincerely apologize to all the readers who were looking forward to getting Sweet Temptation.  I’m grateful that so many of you wanted the book, truly, it means a great deal to me and I cannot express how disappointed I am that you aren’t able to purchase it in the format you desire.

Hopefully none of us will have to wait long for the books to become available.


Quick note: Sweet Temptation ARCs

I have a limited number of ARCs remaining for Sweet Temptation, which releases April 6th. If you are a reviewer or blogger who reviews romances, and are interested in receiving an advanced reading copy of Sweet Temptation, send me an email with review site or blog link along with mailing address to MAYA @ MAYABANKS.COM with a clear, identifying subject header so that you don’t get lost in all the other emails.

As stated, I do only have a limited number of ARCs remaining so while I’d love to give everyone a copy, it’s simply not possible.

Ideally, I’d like to get these in the mail next week.

Please do not post to the comments section of the blog. Email to above listed address with the requested information if you are interested.