News and need your opinion!

Okay, for you Cole fans out there, I’ve discussed it with my editor and we’re going ahead with a sixth Sweet book, which will be Cole’s story :) His story will follow Connor’s story (Connor’s story is Sweet Possession and will release in April 2011) Tentative release date for Cole’s book will be the following April of 2012.

Now for the opinion part. We’ve been discussing titles and we’ve narrowed it to two we really can’t decide between. So I decided to let you guy wade in with an opinion.

Our two options are Sweet Addiction and Sweet Satisfaction

Which is your favorite? I can’t give you details on his story because it’s still burning a hole in my brain and it’s likely to change multiple times before I actually sit down and write his story, however, I will say that it incorporates some of my fave themes in romance and I love, love, love his story already and I love his heroine. :)

Book news!

Blurbs for Hidden Away, book 3 in the KGI series, and Sweet Possession, book 5 in the Sweet series, have been posted to my coming soon page!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend! I’m on vacation countdown. One week and counting!

Colters’ Lady print release date

Colters’ Lady will release in paperback in June 2011. I’m going to leave this blog post up for awhile so that hopefully everyone sees it. I’ve been inundated with emails asking about the print release, and I apologize, but with my current deadline, I just don’t have the time to answer each one individually.

I do not have a release date for Colters’ Daughter, either in ebook or print. I haven’t written the book yet. As soon as I know, I promise, I’ll post the details far and wide :)