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BURN giveaway!

Hey gang!

Soooo, right before I left for Book Bash in Orlando, I received ARCs of BURN in the mail. We’re just a month away from release day! Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys a chance to win an advanced copy of BURN :)

To enter, simply post below and tell me who you’re favorite “guy” in the Breathless trilogy is. Granted you haven’t gotten to read Ash’s story yet, but you’ve gotten glimpses of him in the previous two books *g*

That’s it! I’ll leave the contest open until Thursday of this week and post winners by Friday morning. At that time you’ll have until Monday morning to claim your book by emailing me and providing a mailing address. Any unclaimed books will be given away on twitter next week.

I’m giving away FIVE copies. Ready? Set? GO!!!

1,378 thoughts on “BURN giveaway!”

  1. Tammy Hill says:

    Favorite Breathless guy is Gabe.

  2. Rafaela says:

    Impossible to choose one!!! But if it’s must I think I’d say Jace…

  3. Mia says:

    I would say Jace, Gabe second and Ash would be the third!

  4. Amy says:


  5. Lavara says:

    Gabe! Definitely Gabe!

  6. Missi White says:

    I love Jace. I love the way you let us see his break down when Bethany accidently drank the wrong hot chocolate!!

  7. Christina Flynn says:

    Hmmm so hard to chose because I love them all but I think Gabe is my favorite and if may just be because his story was first and I fell for him right from the start! I LOVE these books, I couldn’t put them down and I can’t wait for BURN!

  8. Desiree Sanderson says:

    Gabe is my favorite.

  9. Donna Fernandez says:

    Without a doubt Gabe!

  10. Sarah says:

    Gabe is the favorite. Bad boy all of the way! Love how he battles himself before realizing the truth!

  11. Stephanie McCoy says:

    Please send me copy Burn!
    I love your books and look forward to a story about Jack!
    Stephanie McCoy

  12. Alicia Larsen says:

    Jace because who wouldnt like to be taken from the streets and pampered like a princess

  13. kimaley says:

    Jace is my guy

  14. yvica says:

    I love Ash. I know I would never get bored.

  15. Sheryl says:

    Would love to know Gabe, experience the likes of Jace and Ash. Love your books…you sure put some spice in my reading!

  16. DANA STAFFORD says:

    love, love this series, just finished ready all three….I like Gabe the best…will you write Brittany and Kai’s story?

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