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Boo hoo and woo hoo!

The bad: I’m back from Vegas :crying: I’m bummed it’s over with. We had SO much fun. I won a few poker tournaments and hubby cashed in two so it was great. We didn’t sleep much so I’m struggling big time and I have a ton of work to do to catch up.

The good: LSU woooo! :rockthefuckon: Kicked some Ohio State ass. :whoo:

Been sorting out cover art for two upcoming books and I should be getting the cover for Be With Me just anyday now :pray: I’ve gotten a glimpse of the preliminary art work for Into the Mist and once we get the kinks out, it’s going to be gorgeous.

Hopefully I’ll have several gorgeous covers to share this month.

Fedexed my contract back today and Be With Me will follow it shortly just as soon as I’ve ironed out all the blemishes. It’s a busy, busy month!

We’re going out to West Texas hunting this weekend but I’ll have to bring work with me since I already blew off the entire first week of this month. :oops: