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BAT is up

The big ass tree is up, and it’s gorgeous. We went four different places before I found the perfect one. It’s not quite as tall as what I was shooting for, but it’s perfectly shaped with no holes and a nine footer fills the space very nicely.

I’ll have to take a pic and post it.

We got the tree up Saturday evening and hubby and I wrapped presents Sunday morning. We still have more shopping to do, but we did the majority before Thanksgiving so we weren’t fighting crowds. The rest I’ll likely be doing online. I heart online shopping in a big, big way.

I’m moving along on Be With Me (Berkley book 3) but I have to put it away for today and probably tomorrow as well because I have edits on Into the Mist. This is probably a good time to say how much I love my editor. And I don’t love her because she’s nice to me. She’s mean. And vicious. And I love her when she gets all vicious on me :lol2: It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing when writer and editor work together to put out an outstanding product. It doesn’t always work that way so I’m especially grateful that we work so well together and don’t work against each other.