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Back to Work

I’m still somewhat glassy-eyed from the conference. I gave myself a day off but I really need to get back to work. Not because I have a pressing deadline, but because I don’t like to go long periods of time without creating. Creativity has to be nurtured or you lose it. Or at least I do. And it’s very easy to get out of the habit of writing/creating.

I’ve talked before about being an externally motivated person. I’m not at all internally motivated. Me telling myself I need to do it doesn’t cut it. I’m just not constructed that way. So I really expected to come back from national feeling very motivated because what is conference if not a huge external shot of motivation?


Instead I met hundreds of other really perky, really motivated people who were bubbling over with enthusiasm. I kept wondering how my spaceship crashlanded on this foreign planet.

But back to the whole getting back to work thing. I DID work at the conference. I did line edits for a long ass book. I also did edits for a not so long ass book but Im anal about making it perfect so it wasn’t just a one look, one pass kind of thing. Now that I’m home, I have two proposals that I want to finish in the very short term. My agent and I hatched an evil, diabolical scheme that we’re both extremely excited over and so I have to put all those pieces together. Good evil fun. It’s for everyone I say.

So that’s me. Working. It might even be fun if I ever stop grumbling and muttering under my breath.