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Back from RT

Apart from the downsides that everyone is already well acquainted with, so I won’t even bother recapping, it was a good time, and I got to meet and hang out with lots of readers :whoo:

The Writeminded reader get together in my hotel room was fun. We’ll definitely have to do it again next year.

I got to visit/talk to lots of fun authors at RT. I won’t list them because invariably I’ll leave someone off that I don’t mean to, and let’s face it, my brain at a conference is just a mess.

I was in bed every night no later than midnight. Thursday, I had the worst migraine ever known to man and I actually went to bed at 7 that night. I had a breakfast scheduled the next morning with my Silhouette editor and the last thing I wanted to do is scare the ever loving shit out of her by looking like death warmed over.

So I took some good drugs and passed out until Jess and Joy came into my room before 11. I could hear them whispering OMG Maya’s asleep and then there was lots of “tee heeeing” and rustling around before they left again. :purplelaugh:

I’ll fully admit that I skipped all the parties because A. just so not my thing and B. so not my thing. I don’t do costumes, and yes, I know, going in costume is not requried but did I mention the parties are so not my thing?

I made one exception and went to Sasha, Sylvia’s and Vivi Anna’s party/hangout thing (because I think they’re cool) but then I spent most of it chatting with Shelley Bradley lol.

Once again, Marty adopted my whiny ass and made the conference a very bearable thing. What can I say. I’m a cave dweller. I’m intensely uncomfortable in large crowds and I’m completely inept in social situations.

And all the fun and good gossip usually happens in the smoking areas, so even if you aren’t a smoker, it’s a good place to hang out. I always ran into Dakota Cassidy outside and so we alternated petting and insulting each other. Hey, I did say all the fun happens in the smoking areas.