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A day wasted

I spent the entire day at the doctor’s office with my daughter. Me for my ears and her for some weirdass rash with fever that ended up being some viral something or another that nothing can be done for. Me on the other hand, the doc was astonished that after two weeks and two different antibiotics that my ears still looked so bad. *sigh* They shoved some stick into my left ear so it would suck up all the infection and drain it. FUN. Not. My right ear hurts so bad that I can’t even chew. The doc then told me that if I didnt get well quick, I’d have to go to the ENT. I cringe at the thought of what might happen there. I don’t like having my ears messed with. :sweating:

And my poor daughter was miserable. She just wanted to go home and crawl in bed and snuggle mommy. Hours later and one girly nap later, we’re both up and around but we’re moving slooooow. But daddy is taking good care of his girls :cheer:

So now I only have roughly 5.5 hours to complete my goal for today. I only have until midnight. After haranging my writer’s group into doing an AITC week with me, here I am the lone slacker. :cursesign: Narcotics and bed are a more desirable option at the moment…