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Coming Soon - FAQ - My blog post about Emails

The number one question asked is this, so I will answer it here and save you some effort (because I know you want to get back to reading): "When is [fill in title of whichever book] going to be available in print/ebook?"

I love that you are dying to know. *I* am dying to know. And I promise you, I will tell you via this website when I know. If the information isn't on my site, then I don't know yet.

Thank you for your interest. Really, it's because of you readers that I have the best job in the world. I adore you for it. And for you I redesigned this site with a goal of keeping you informed. I promise I will. I promise promise promise.

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My question is not answered on this site. I've read Maya's blog post about emails, I checked the FAQs, I checked Coming Soon page, and I used the search feature and I still can't find it. Thanks.

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