It’s been awhile

Things are a little crazy and unsettled around here. I have a book due in just over two weeks.  We won’t talk about how much I have left to write.  Next Sunday I leave for a week away from it all in which…you guessed it. I’ll be doing lots and lots of writing!  I’m thinking Catalina will be a good place to write though :)

So if you don’t see much of me in the next couple weeks. That’s why.  I’ll try to check in with some pics of Catalina!


Lazy Saturday

I was up late last night working on my rewrite. So I slept in this morning and hubby cooked breakfast. I do love that man. He’s been so great this past week as I’ve been panicking over finishing the book on time.  He’s cooked dinner every single night. He’s taken care of kid issues and cleaning and laundry so that I can focus purely on the writing.

Today he’s taken middle child to the mall to shop for clothing, because my middle child…Lord, but that child is tough on clothes and shoes. He has holes in the knees of his jeans within a month of us buying him a new pair. His shoes? A month, MAYBE six weeks before he’s worn them out as well. He’s a very active kid and he’s always on the move. As a result, we’re buying him clothes and jeans every couple of months.

So while they are out shopping, I am propped in bed upstairs with my laptop working furiously on the book. My daughter is cuddled into bed at my side and has just drifted off to sleep.

Life is good!