Back to School

I was a little adrift this morning because back to school was so…over with so quickly. It was the first year I didn’t have to walk anyone into their class. I just dropped and drove away and then pondered how big my babies have gotten *sigh*

The youngest two were dragging. They were up late last night because they couldn’t sleep. I figure I’ll be picking up little zombies this afternoon, but at least they’ll sleep tonight!

Hubby cooks them breakfast every year for the first day of school. (Okay he cooks lots of other mornings too but the first day of school breakfast is tradition)

I expect in pretty short order, I’ll be facing the END of yet another school year and I’ll be complaining because I have no idea where time goes. I’ll stop there before I further depress myself…

Finally. The Pool will be done

After an interminable wait, the pool will FINALLY be finished today. My kids are about to drive me insane asking when, when, when, but as I type, they are doing the plaster and as soon as they finish, the pool will start to be filled. Which means my kids will be wallowing in the shallows as it fills. I have some cute pictures last year when the pool at our old house was being filled. They pretended to be alligators. I’ll have to snap a few more this year.

It’ll take until Saturday to completely fill, but that won’t mean the kids won’t live in it until then. We won’t get the pumps started and the chemicals in until Monday so in the meantime, they’ll be taking the equivalent of a cold bath.

And now I can stop being cranky when asked when, when, when!


What summer? Half of it is gone already. I’m flabbergasted over the idea that my kids will be back in school and a grade higher in just a month. When I was a kid, summer seemed interminable. Now? I blink and it’s freaking gone. I blink twice and an entire year has flown by *sob*

It’s not fair. Time should slow down as you get older. Not speed up to freaking speed of light.

I’m feeling pouty and grumbly today. My babies are growing up and I want them to stay right where they are.

4th of July

Hope everyone stateside is having a wonderful holiday weekend! We got back from vacation late Wednesday night but we’ve been running ever since. My daughter’s all star team was still in the running so my daughter had a game the very next day. And they won 23-6! So practice on Friday afternoon but I had to run her into town to get new cleats and a new bat. My shrimp has had a major growth spurt in the last few months. She went from a size 4 shoe to a woman’s size 8 (boggles my brain)

So anyway, my husband and I were pitching to her before she had to leave for practice and she NAILED me with a line drive. Hit me in the elbow and omg PAIN. I sent her and dad on to practice all the while pretending it didn’t hurt because my daughter was CRUSHED that she hit me. As soon as they left I started whimpering like a girl. When they got home, my husband took me into the ER to get it x-rayed because the pain and swelling had only gotten worse. Good news was nothing broken. They put me in a sling and sent me home but good grief it hurt. Still hurts days later!

We have another game tomorrow night against the only team that has beat them so far. I told my daughter I’d forgive her trying to kill me if she’d hit like that in the game :)

Right now the kidlets are off buying fireworks with their dad and I just rubbed down the meat that’ll go on the grill when they get back. I’m SO bummed that our pool still isn’t finished. That would have made our weekend perfect. It’s taking forever and I’m getting impatient. We’re down to the last two steps and hopefully they’ll jump right on it Tuesday. But I’m not holding my breath.

I’m off for St. Croix

and lots of sun and sand and relaxing beach….ahhh I can’t wait! I’m actually out the door at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning, but I’ll be at the ballpark all night tonight which precipitated shopping early this morning and now I have to go pack for five people. Kill me now!

I won’t have internet on the island, and I’m not all together sad about that. I’m looking forward to turning everything off and enjoying 10 days with my kiddos and basically forgetting the world exists around my little cocoon.

We’re renting a house right on the beach and it’s supposed to be a PRIVATE beach and I cannot tell you how much I am hoping that is true. I don’t even want to look at another person while I’m on vacation lol. Hermit? Me? Nahhhhh.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of June. I’ll see you in July!

Pool progress!

Today was inspection after rebar and plumbing yesterday. Tomorrow is gunnite!

pool 2

SOME days I want to be my cat (not today)


Kitty is recovering from her trip to the vet in which she lost her ability to reproduce.

Also going on in these parts, ground breaking on the new pool. This is just after it was dug. Today they’re laying rebar and plumbing. Saturday is gunnite!
Pool 1

Writing through adversity

Today marks a special day. It’s a release day, but it’s a little more than that. Colters’ Lady, which is the follow up to Colters’ Woman, is now available in electronic format. I’m smiling but it’s one of those smiles that comes with a sigh and a little slump of the shoulders.

My editor and I work closely on my books. We’re both nitpicky and anal and it’s not unusual to pass the book back and forth a dozen times BEFORE it ever goes to line edits. Then there are the multiple passes after the line editor and then the pass after we get the ARC ;)

Anyway, the past few months have been stressful and sad and anxious all rolled into one. Jennifer and I tease each other that one of us can’t meltdown. It always has to be both of us at the same time. I was having a really, REALLY tough time on my third KGI book, so much so that it made me late on a deadline, and I’m never late. Late to me is like the end of the world because I’m one of the anal “early” people who always show up everywhere at least 15 minutes early.

Nothing was working for me. I still had to get Colters’ Lady done and believe me when I saw, that old saying about when it rains, it pours? Totally true. I was on vacation with two friends in Catalina melting down because there was just crap coming from all directions.

None of that really seems to matter, though, in light of a phone call I received from Jennifer (my editor) who told me she’d been diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer. We both really didn’t think much of the lump she’d found. We were texting from her mammogram appointment. I knew she was going in for a biopsy. But when she called me and told me the biopsy came back clean but that she’d INSISTED that the lump be removed anyway…THAT’S when it was discovered. Thank God, thank god she insisted.

We both cried on the phone and I told her not to worry about anything other than taking care of herself and her children. The book would wait. It wasn’t important. She was what was important and everything else could go to hell in my opinion.

She was getting ready to start chemo and we talked again. I told her I’d do whatever she wanted with Colters’ Lady, that Jennifer was most important. We could push it back, or just hang on to it. I didn’t want another editor to work on it, but if that’s what Jennifer preferred, I was good with that too.

But she told me she wanted the book. She wanted to work on it. It was a book that we’d talked about together, because before recently I NEVER planned to write sequels to Colters’ Woman. But this series was for her. It’s unlikely I would have written it without her encouragement. And I wanted her to have ultimate say in the matter.

So I sent her half the book and struggled on with my third KGI book. When I finally turned it in, I knew I didn’t have time to even breathe a sigh of relief because release day was bearing down on us like a freight train. With Jennifer going into her second round of chemo and feeling unbelievably tired, we began work in earnest on getting Colters’ Lady to the point we wanted it.

I don’t think either of us slept for a week. We were passing the book back and forth at midnight. We questioned. We discussed parts. We worked right up to the wire to get this book as near perfect as we could. All the while us both feeing like we wanted to go to bed for about a year and hide there.

We could have pushed it back. But neither of us wanted to do that when readers were expecting the book on June 1. I’m just amazed at how much effort Jennifer put into this when she was dealing with her own set of worries. Really big worries that made all my whining insignificant.

So Colters’ Lady is special. It may not be the most perfect book I’ve ever written. But it will always be special because Jennifer loved this book enough to hang onto it, even when her world was going to pieces around her. She believed in it, and she wanted readers to have it on the day we’d told them they’d have it. I have nothing to say to that except thank you. From the depth of my heart, thank you and I love you.

I hope readers will love and appreciate the book as much as you did, Jennifer. You’re a kickass editor, but more than that…you’re one of my dearest friends.

Lots of love on release day. We made it!!

Lazy Sunday

Or I suppose I should say that in theory, it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. The weather is warm and the skies are clear. No clouds. Sun’s out. Beautiful day. It’s the kind that makes me want to take a nap or be in a hammock somewhere slowly drifting between two trees. It’s quiet in the house right now, with only the hum of the air conditioner, but I tell you, it’s lulling me to sleep and I have a book to finish!

The kids are all in town with daddy. He’s taking my oldest to get new jeans. Have you ever tried to keep up with clothing for three kids? It’s a never ending process. The only thing worse is the laundry. But when they get back, they all want to go swimming. See, at the first of this year, we moved to a different house. After building a pool at our OLD house this past year. Yeah, I hear you. My husband wasn’t happy about it either. But the move was absolutely the right decision for us and everyone is so much happier. It’s bigger and more private (I hate living on top of neighbors in an “organized” neighborhood) I’m simply too private a person to every exist happily in those kind of circumstances.

We close on our old house this next Friday, so the kids are getting in their last days of the swimming pool. BUT and they will be so excited to know, that my husband and I just completed the design of a new pool and the MINUTE we close on the old house, we’re going to start construction here at the new house. So shhhhh! It’s a secret ;)

We learned a lot in building that first pool. I’m actually glad to have a second chance to smooth out design flaws that the first one had and to add the things that at the time we didn’t THINK we wanted but later regretted not getting. So the new pool is going to be more my dream pool than the first one, which was much more rudimentary in its design an function. And the great thing, is that it should be completed in June so we’ll have the entire summer to enjoy it :)