Colters’ Wife (Free Read)

Today is the day that Colters’ Wife was re-issued with cover art and formatted into all the various electronic formats. This is the short story that I’ve offered for free on my website for several years now.  It is FREE.  I  noticed today (Amazon is my nemesis lately) that Amazon has incorrectly listed this FREE ebook for SALE for .99 cents.

Please do not purchase this ebook. It’s FREE. You can download it in any format at My Bookstore and More, even in the PRC format which is compatible for the Kindle.

If for any reason, you have difficulty in obtaining your free copy of Colters’ Wife, just drop me an email and tell me what format you’d like. I’ll be happy to email it to you.

Colters’ Woman printing error

I wanted to give you all a heads up on an issue I’ve discovered with the PRINT re-issue of Colters’ Woman. I don’t want there to be any confusion!

I received a copy yesterday of the re-issue and really it’s gorgeous. I love the wrap around cover and it has the covers of Colters’ Lady and Colters’ Daughter on the back :))) Anyway, I flipped to the back where the new short story was placed and saw that it had the wrong title on the title page :(

The PRINT version of the re-issue has the title of the new short story as “Colters’ Wife” but obviously this was the free read title that I had on my website and the Free download that will be offered on April 6th at MBaM and other online stores. It SHOULD have said “Callie’s Meadow” as that is the actual title. But the STORY is the correct one. I’d hate for anyone to get to that point say “oh I already read that” and put the book down because it IS new material.

The first print run is already done and shipped so there’s nothing to be done until the next print run where the correction will be made.

The EBOOK version is correct and has the title page “Callie’s Meadow”. I have no idea how this happened and you have my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately mistakes do occur in publishing.

So the wrap up is, Colters’ Wife is STILL a free download. It’s just been formatted into all the different ebook formats and will be released on April 6th when the re-issue of Colters’ Woman is released. The brand new short story in the back of the print book IS Callie’s Meadow, and it IS new material. It’s just CALLED “Colters’ Wife” ;)

Clear as mud?


A few answers

to some questions I’ve gotten recently.

I’ve had some people ask about the free short story sequel to Colters’ Woman that has been offered on my website until recently.  You’ll be able to download it from My Bookstore and More on April 6th when Colters’ Woman is re-issued.  It’ll have a gorgeous cover and be formatted in all the various ebook offerings unlike before where it was only available in PDF. It will also be made available from most other online retailers as well. And of course it’ll still be FREE. Here’s a peek at the cover for it

Another question, readers want to know if the expanded ending and the bonus material offered at the end of the re-issue of Colters’ Woman is just Colters’ Wife tacked onto Colters’ Woman. The answer is no. Colters’ Wife is completely separate and will be offered as its own ebook FREE.  The short story sequel called “Callie’s Meadow” that is offered in the Colters’ Woman re-issue has never before been published.

This week, two of my upcoming books have gone up for pre-order at Amazon. My October HEAT anthology, Four Play, has gone up, as well as my December release, No Place to Run, which is the SECOND book in the KGI series. Now this has caused some confusion as readers have wanted to know, But what about The Darkest Hour, the FIRST book in the series! I’ve been asked if the date was pushed back from September or if The Darkest Hour was retitled or if it will be delayed. The answer is no.  The Darkest Hour is set to release September first and will debut the KGI series. No Place to Run is the second book in the series and will release in December with the third book in the series, No Place to Hide, to release next March.  I have no idea why the other two books went up before The Darkest Hour. I’m sure it’s one of those little hiccups that will get resolved shortly.



although in my case? It’s going to be thank God it’s MONDAY, provided of course I get the rewrite done this weekend, but ooohhhh I’m looking forward to being finished with this book.

In the meantime, have you checked out the excerpt for Sweet Temptation that was posted on my website a bit ago?

And for those of you who have asked, I have the blurb for Colters’ Lady! It releases June 1 from Samhain Publishing, so not too long at all :)

Can their love give her the strength to overcome the tragedy in her past?

Colters’ Legacy, Book 2

When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate, shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen where he’s serving, he’s gut shot over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone. More baffling is the dark, possessive instinct that tells him she belongs to him.

For Lily Weston, home is a secluded nook in a back alley—until Seth offers her a place to stay. She’s wary of his offer, but even one night out of the cold is too much temptation to resist.

Seth is convinced Lily is his. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface. The Colters never imagined they’d follow the unconventional path of their fathers, but they can’t ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection—and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal the deep wounds of her past.


More cover goodness

For those of you who are familiar with Samhain’s print covers, you’ll notice that the “cover” is on the front and then on the back there is usually a solid color background with a Samhain graphic and the blurb etc and any quotes but the cover stops on the front page with no wrap. So for my Colters’ Legacy covers, Mandy aka Natalie Winters did a full wrap and carried over the front to the back so there is one continuous cover from front to back. And oh my but I am in love with this cover.

And as I told the Writeminded Readers Group this morning, I am sooooo in love with Mandy over these covers. Like serious leave my husband for another woman mad girl crushing going on.  She worked her ass off on these covers and it totally shows in the end result.

New covers!

Here are the covers for the reissue of Colters’ Woman and also for the sequels, Colters’ Lady and Colters’ Daughter.  What do you think?