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Just One Touch is Here!

May 23, 2017

It was only a matter of time before her absence was detected and they wouldn’t wait until dawn, just an hour away, to set the dogs loose to track her. They had the advantage. She had none…

You’ve been waiting to find out what happens to Jenna. In the excerpt on this site she is making her escape, but WHAT. HAPPENS. NEXT??

Now you can read farther. Just One Touch, Book 5 in the Slow Burn series, is here! Jenna has the power to heal, and with just one touch Isaac knows he wants her to be his forever. But she is in terrible danger. Order your copy today.

Three Gorgeous New eBook Covers

May 2, 2017

Maya’s beloved Colters’ Legacy series has a new look! Colters’ Lady and Colters’ Daughter, books two and three in the Colters’ Legacy series, have just been reissued with lovely new covers. Jump into the Cotler family stories via the online excerpt for Colters’ Lady (or go straight to ordering,) and the excerpt for Colters’ Daughter (or go right to the ordering area to get yours).

Not to be outdone, Golden Eyes is out with a new cover, too. Read an excerpt and order your own copy now. (Please note: the stories are all as before — these are new covers only. These book have no new content.)

KGI Book 12: Title! Cover! Preorder!

March 31, 2017

Wherever You Are, Maya’s next KGI book has been revealed, but what we’re all dying to know right now — who is Skylar’s hero? Maya has teased that he is, in fact, someone we’ve met before…but who could he be?

While you are waiting to find out, check out the just revealed cover and about-the-story cover copy. Wherever You Are will begin shipping and downloading on December 5, 2017, but you can preorder your copy to make sure you get it the minute it’s out!

And for all you KGI fans, Maya’s FAQ for the Kellys has been updated! Enjoy!